With a 35 year career in education and coaching, and a singular focus of helping students, athletes, parents and leaders reach a higher level of performance, it is very clear to me that Leadership, Mindfulness, and Performance are interrelated and interdependent.


Services are customized to meet the particular needs of the client or group and can include mindfulness training, leadership development, and performance coaching. Engagements typically last several months to a year. 

Peter and his team work with schools and organizations to deliver training to coaches with the belief that coaches can and should positively affect the lives of their players, now and for the future.

“I started using the reset system freshman year and still use it now. It really helped my mental game on and off the field. It’s simple but effective.”

– Logan Wisnauskas, 2022 Teewarton Award winner as the nation’s best mens college lacrosse player. Logan led the University of Maryland to an 18-0 season and an NCAA Championship. 


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Running on Faith

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