Hi, we’re reaching out to you to share exciting news from Human Reset. After several years of selling our reset bracelets and working with individuals and teams to help them perform better through mindfulness based practices, we’re pleased to announce that we have redesigned the site in order to provide more information to support you as you strive to embody the “reset mindset.” You’ll see a site that leads with a blog – posts meant to share ideas, stories, books, et cetera that may help or inspire you. You’ll also find a resource page that includes books, podcasts, and organizations that you may find helpful. Of course, the bracelet is available on the site too.

It’s been a fun journey to see our bracelets spread from friends and individuals to NCAA Championship teams and even onto the wrists of professional athletes in the NBA and NFL. Teachers, students, adults and kids alike are finding the bracelet and reset practice to be helpful. I love hearing their stories – like the 4th grader who uses her bracelet to manage her anxiety, and the University of Virginia’s 2019 NCAA championship lacrosse team.

Becoming better at “starting over” whether that’s a quick reset after a silly mistake, or a big reset after a major life event, is a central element to a happy life. It takes commitment and practice though, and doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Becoming better at “resetting” allows us to spend more of our time free from worry, regret and anxiety.

We plan to share a post every couple weeks. I hope you find the posts and new site helpful. If you do, please share with your friends. And if you want to share a story with the Human Reset community, we’d love to help you post something here. Just let us know.


Pete and Rippy

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